A New Roof is a Big Deal. With Clearwater, it Can Be a Good Deal Too!

Your roof protects everything you own. Whether you need an entirely new roof, or need a small repair, we’re here to help. Our experts are here to help you understand what is happening in your roof system and educate you on what options work best for your home so that you can make the right choice for your future.

What products do we stand by?

We are certified Malarkey Roofing Products installers and provide upgraded warranties that most other contractors cannot. Malarkey sets the industry standard for quality and service. Like all warranties though, they are only as good as the companies providing them. Malarkey has been making the highest quality roofing products for more than 60 years and has put their training and trust in Clearwater installations. We have chosen to partner with Malarkey because, like us, they are a family-owned business who has shown a true dedication to quality. In addition, they have a locally based representative with decades of knowledge and experience who assists homeowners and contractors alike with any project, big or small. You won’t find any shingles manufacturer more dedicated to quality than Malarkey.

As full-service contractors, if you have a preference in shingles that you already have faith in or if your HOA requires a certain product, we are more than happy to provide those products as well. We have worked with GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, IKO and Pabco shingles - Treasure Valley Steel and R&M Steel Metal Roofing - Davinci Roofscapes, Cedar, Concrete Tile, etc... If it goes on a roof, we can install it.


Think you need someone to come look at your roof? Here’s how we will help.

To start, one of our project managers will come to your home for a free inspection and consultation.Your project manager will educate you on what to look for in your roof system, common mistakes other companies might make, and how best to proceed with either repairing or replacing your roof. If your insurance company will cover your damage, your project manager will meet with their representative as well to make sure your needs are met and not just the insurance company’s.

At the end of the project, it’s our job to make sure you’re happy enough that you’ll be excited about working with us again. Clearwater Home Services wants to be a partner with you for projects big and small for years to come. We will never try and push you into something that is unnecessary or frivolous. That is why your project manager will escort you through the entire process - along with our highly trained office staff and installers - and is dedicated to your satisfaction through the project.
How often does a roof need replaced?

The life of your roof depends on several variables:

  • Original installer quality
  • Whether or not it has multiple layers of roofing now
  • What kind of weather it’s been exposed to
  • Tree limbs or other debris on the roof
  • How often is it maintained
  • What quality of roofing materials were used
Most asphalt roofs should have a 15-30 year lifespan. A wood shingle may be more in the 25-35 year range, and some specialty materials can go up to 45-50 years.

With this many factors, it can be difficult to put an exact life expectancy on your roof, but these general guidelines are a good start.