About Clearwater Home Services


Clearwater Home Services was born out of our desire to help, and that is why we work to train young people in tradesmanship, build industry standards, and give back to our community. From our humble beginnings doing roofing projects and interior remodels for family and friends, we have expanded our experience and manpower to take on projects big and small for residential and commercial owners. The quality of our work and the quality of our character, along with our dedication to communicating clearly in every aspect of our lives, has driven our success as the standout exterior and interior remodeling company in Southern Idaho.

You matter to us, and giving your project the personal attention it deserves is paramount to everything we do.

Not only are we constantly working to improve our customer experience, but we’re also always expanding our team and product offerings. We can’t make every innovation in the industry, but we strive to learn new techniques and obtain certifications so that we can provide the best final product no matter how fast the world evolves.

The reason we’re easy to work with is because of our professional team. We don’t hire lightly, and even if an installer knows their craft at the highest level, unless they fit with our culture of providing the best customer service in the industry, we will not hire them. Our team cares about our reputation, and we care about them.  We foster an environment where our crews can provide well for their families, where their future can be with us, and where all people are respected. Everything we do comes from the good will of our people, and we recognize that they are what make Clearwater stand above the rest. 

We can’t be perfect, but we sure do try. We want to treat you like our own family, and as long as we do great work, listen to you, treat you fairly, and act with sincerity we don’t think we can fail. If you give us a chance, we’ll treat you well, no matter how challenging the project.