Interior Remodeling

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is a great way to invest in your home. We offer total remodeling services, including custom cabinets and tile backsplashes. Turn your outdated bathtub into a modern shower that feels like an in-home oasis. We have trusted plumbers and electricians that install the final features. Schedule and appointment today for a bathroom remodeling estimate.

Remodeling Services That Fit Your Needs

You Love Where You Live. Now it's Time to Love the House You Live In, Too.

Where you live matters. Finding the right neighborhood is a key part of that. When you find a neighborhood that you love, you shouldn’t have to give that up because the available homes aren’t quite right for your family. That’s when Clearwater can help. We help families stay in their neighborhood of choice while transforming an okay home into one you’re proud to live in. You keep your neighbors, school district, church, and community while still getting the home of your dreams. Check out our services to discover what we can do for your space.

Make Your Kitchen a Gathering a Place for Your Home.

We carefully design kitchens that maximize both your culinary skills and your family time. Our Treasure Valley home remodeling company will create a kitchen that’s gorgeous to look at, easy to cook in, and perfect for all those family gatherings. We can help you make the most of your remodeling budget to get a kitchen you love to cook in.


Gorgeous Bathrooms to Start and End Your Day.

Start and end your day on a high note in a bathroom you love to use. We transform standard bathrooms into premium spaces that pamper you. Partner with our design team to choose your fixtures and finishings while our construction team gets to work. Get the storage you need, the space you want, and a bathroom you can’t wait to spend time in. There are several reasons to consider remodeling your bathroom; below are some of the top reasons to be considered.

To Increase The Home's Sale Value

Homes experience wear and tear over time. One such place that the impact is profoundly felt is the bathroom. The bathroom will look older than the rest of the house because of the hot water that causes moisture. Estate agents know this. One of the important factors that they check when they are valuing a home is the condition of the bathroom - because a bathroom in good condition will raise the value of the house. If you are contemplating selling your house, it is a good idea to remodel the bathroom first.

For Safety Reasons

Some things indicate that your bathroom is not safe. Some of the common ones have something to do with tiles. You probably have ignored them for a long time, but if your bathroom tiles are slippery or broken, your bathroom is not safe. There may also be water leakages, which make the floor slippery and the walls damp. That extra dampness may start to cause erosion or mold. It may also come in contact with electrical cables. If your bathroom has any of these signs, we recommend considering a remodel.

Efficiency And Sustainability

If you have lived in your Treasure Valley home for more than 20 years, the chances are high that the piping, fixtures, and toilets are made of materials that are not energy efficient or environment-friendly. Back then, manufacturers didn't use green materials or consider the environmental sustainability of their products. A more efficient bathroom will save you money in the long run and reduce strain on the environment. Remodeling the bathroom gives you the chance to replace old, inefficient pipes and fixtures that save on the electricity bills and curb water usage.

If Your Bathroom Is Outdated

If you compare your bathroom to pictures of newly built or remodeled bathrooms, you may notice that yours looks outdated. New bathroom products and attractive bathroom designs emerge on the market all the time, and finding one that fits you is simple with a consultation with our design team. An outdated bathroom has an impact on your day because it is the first place you go when you get out of bed and the room in the house where you get the most amount of quiet time to take care of yourself. It can even be embarrassing letting people into your out-of-date bathroom. Remodel your bathroom because it will make you happy.

Mold And Mildew Are Increasing.

As the bathroom stays for long without being remodeled, mold and mildew keep on increasing. As a result, you will spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom, and it becomes even more hectic. If you are experiencing this, then your bathroom needs some attention. Mildew and mold make it hard to clean your bathroom. Remodeling is something that will make your time cleaning easier and even make you happier.

A Need For More Storage Space

The longer you stay in a house, the smaller it seems to become as you bring in more items and more people. What maybe began as a bathroom for just one or two people is now a bathroom for kids, guests, or extended relatives - all of them with hygiene and beauty products that they need to store in the bathroom. If you have noticed that your bathroom space has become smaller 

and cannot comfortably accommodate all its users, it may be time to remodel your bathroom. With bathroom remodeling, you have the opportunity to reorganize the bathroom to fit everyone’s needs.

For The Sake Of Your Family

As your family grows and changes, you need to add some bathroom features to suit their needs. If you have kids in the house or will soon, they will benefit from a bathroom that caters to them, for instance with a smaller tub or an adjustable toilet seat. If you have aging family members or a person with physical limitations in your home, they will also benefit from a bathroom remodel that caters to their needs. Maybe it’s time for a no-ledge shower or touch-free faucet. Our design team can help you identify the right accommodations for the people you love.

It Gives The Bathroom More Aesthetic Appeal

The bathroom is one of the rooms that gets old faster. It is also possible that you have remodeled other parts of the house, and you left out the bathroom. To get the bathroom to the same level with the rest of the house, you will need to remodel.

Beautiful Additions that Expand Your Living Space

Running out of room in your current home? You can avoid the time and expense of moving to a bigger home with an addition. Get all the space your family needs with a gorgeous, thoughtfully-designed addition that will complement your home’s current footprint. Whether it’s expanding your living room, adding a bathroom, or making the master bedroom of your dreams, we will get the job done right.